Groinchurn initially started of as a grind side project of Mark Chapman (guitar) and Sergio Christina (drummer) who at the time played in a brutal death metal band called Sepsis.

The plan was that they would do the vocals themselves, but they realised that they needed a vocalist on the day of recording their first demo “human filth”- March 1994.

They decided to ask Christo Bester (bass/vox), who at the time played in another local deathmetal band called Desecrator, to help them out.

The first demo was recorded in a days time at a small local 8-track “studio”; and the release showed a lot of influences of other grind bands at that stage like Terrorizer , Nnapalm Death, Brutal Truth , etc. 

Things seemed to work between the members and they decided to play one show - as a promo for the demo tape in a local club in the Vaal Triangle. It was clear that they had something special when they played live and they decided to do it again and again and again... 





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