Groinchurn initially started of as a grind side project of Mark Chapman (guitar) and Sergio Christina (drums) who at the time played in a death metal band called Sepsis. The plan was to do the vocals themselves, but they realised that they needed a vocalist on the day of recording their first demo “Human Filth”- March 1994. They decided to ask Christo Bester (bass/vox), who at the time played in Desecrator, another local death metal band, to help them out.

The first demo was recorded in one day at a small local 8-track “studio”; and the release showed a lot of influences of other grind bands including Terrorizer , Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, etc.

Things seemed to work between the members and they decided to play a show to promote the demo tape in a local club in the Vaal Triangle. It was clear that they had something special when they played live and they decided to do it again and again…

In mid 1995 the band received an opportunity to appear on a four way split CD titled ”Four Ways to Misery “released by MMI in Germany. This was the bands first material available on the CD format.

Late 1995 saw the band competing in the South African battle of the bands (hard rock/metal category) … they came second last.

In 1996 the band continued to promote themselves in the underground , and appeared on numerous international cassette compilations and some split vinyl seven inches.  They entered the battle of the bands again, this time they won, making it possible to afford some decent equipment with the prize money.

In December 1996 the band entered B# Studios to record their first full length album “sixtimesnine”. The album, released February 1997 was well received and on the strength of this Morbid Records (Germany) asked the band to support Krabathor (Czech death metal) and the goregrind legends Sanitys Dawn on a European tour in September/October 1997.

This was the first time for the band on foreign shore. The tour went very well, after the tour Morbid Records offered to release the second album – “fink”. In early 1998 new friends Krabathor came to play a few shows in South Africa.

The album “fink” was released mid 1998 and it showed a wide spectrum of influences. The band was then preparing for a European tour at the end of 1998 with Brutal Truth , but plans for this fell through. The band returned to Europe in September 1999, where they played some festivals and a few shows which proved to be very successful.

In February 2000 the band entered the studio to record their third album “whoami”, the strongest album to date, the band start moving away from the grind formula to songs that include hardcore influences and a variety of other styles.

After the recording the band headed to Europe in April 2000 where they again toured with Krabathor (now with Paul Speckman – master – fronting the band). After Europe they also played their first American dates.

Upon their return the band played South Africa’s two major rock festivals. Due to the fact that the extreme music community in South Africa is relatively small, the band started planning to relocate to Europe in 2001 for six months, initially their then label Morbid Records was going to going to help them with the relocation to Germany but for various reasons this did not happen.

Not deterred by this the band decided to go ahead with their plans anyway, but settling on the Czech Republik as a home base due to the fact it was cheaper and also the great Petr Hejtmanek – ex Krabathor manager – offered to help them out with getting a place to live.

The band arrived in Europe in April 2001 and played three tours with Germany’s Viu Drakh , the legendary Macarbe , and the truly evil Totalfuckingdestruction as well as a load of festivals in between. During this period band personal relationships took strains and Mark announced his departure from the band. The band returned to South Africa in October 2001 and parted ways.

The band reunited briefly to open for Sepultura on their South African tour in 2014 and again in 2019 to play a 25 year reunion show at ROAR Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa.



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